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Adults-- Rescue™ Pastilles are there when you need them, in a
convenient tin, keep them in your pocket, bag, desk or car for
times of need. With their great natural flavour you and alcohol
free formula you know they are safe whatever your
situation Children-- The new fun format of Rescue™
Pastilles appeals to children*, being easy to administer with
their appearance of sweets and with the sugar free formula,
natural sweeteners and natural flavour you know that you're not
damaging your child's health. Pets-- Rescue™ Remedy is a
firm favourite with pet owners worldwide, with uses such as
calming dogs when there are fireworks around, helping horses
cope with times of stress and helping pets cope with the loss of
a loved one. However, Rescue™ Remedy has sometime been difficult
to administer to pets, especially with the traditional alcohol
formula. The new sweet is a great way of administering Rescue™
to your pet, with it's treat like appearance and natural
formula... pets will love them!

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