BOB BAREFOOT'S: Coral Calcium Supreme 90 capsule

Coral Calcium Supreme - 90 capsule

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  • 100% Pure Marine Coral
  • Natural absorbable 75 trace minerals
  • Uses the premium grade, 100% Pure, Iionized Bio-Available coral calcium
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Coral Calcium Supreme by Bob Barefoot's

With decades of in depth research conducted on the potential health concerns, scientists have linked over 200 degenerative diseases that may be a direct result of calcium deficiency. This is why at Calcium Supreme it is our goal to provide individuals with the calcium supplements that are designed to help prevent such diseases from taking effect. We sell Coral Calcium Supreme, the only brand of coral calcium that has been formulated, endorsed and manufactured by Dr. Robert Barefoot himself. Coming from marine grade sango coral reefs of Okinawa, Japan, Coral Calcium is 100% pure ionized and contains beneficial micron size microbes that aid in the digestion of calcium and is readily bio-absorbable. With 75 essential trace minerals, sodium and potassium contents, and a perfect 2 to 1 biological ratio of magnesium, this calcium pill is sure to help the immune system, increase energy levels, speed up metabolism and improve individual's overall well being.

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