UPC: 705875000246 # BPTO2

Total Omega master blend combines of the "best of the Barlean's"
­ our renowned 100% organic flaxseed oil, Fresh CatchTM Fish
Oil, and pure borage seed oil ­ for a truly superior and
complete omega 3, 6, 9 nutrition source. The full spectrum of
essential fatty acids in Total Omega regulate thousands of
important biological functions deemed critical for optimal
health, life, and vitality in every cell and tissue of the body.
Each power-packed, all-natural lemonade flavored, once-a-day
serving provides nearly 7,000 mgs of Omega-3 (LNA, DHA and EPA),
nearly 2,500 mgs of Omega-6 (LA and GLA) and more than 2,500 mgs
of Omega-9 (Oleic acid) to create the most comprehensive and
complete profile of omegas available anywhere.

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