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Fixed Head Nylon Toothbrush V-Wave Soft Nylon bristle
brushes are the most common type of toothbrushes worldwide.
Smile Brite supplies very high quality nylon brushes with full
"end rounding an polishing of the bristles" this critical step
ensures that there are no rough bristle ends to harm the gums or
the enamel. Unlike other major toothbrush manufacturers, Smile
Brite utilizes a state of the art end-rounding and polishing
process with superior quality control at every stage. The fixed
head line also features an ergonomic ez-grip handle with state
of the art design to reach all corners of your mouth easily and
effectively. Ingredients: ALL MATERIALS comply with EU
regulations for toothbrush use. Instructions: Dentists
recommend that you not apply heavy pressure when brushing. This
can damage teeth and fray or damage toothbrush bristles. The
most important factor is to consistently brush and to reach all
surfaces of your teeth. Dentist recommend you replace your
toothbrush every 2-3 months for optimum oral care. It is
essential to replace your toothbrush immediately if it shows
signs of fraying or broken bristles.

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