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Lower Bowel Caps 100 ct. Description: This is
one of Dr. John R. Christopher’s most famous and popular
formulas. To some this formula is known as an herbal laxative,
however, to many herbalists it is much more than this. One of
the most important and beneficial factors of this formula is how
it stimulates peristaltic action within the lower bowel. This
formula consists of Cascara Sagrada Bark, Barberry bark, Cayenne
Pepper, Ginger Root, Lobelia Herb, Red Raspberry leaves, Turkey
Rhubarb Root, Fennel Seeds and Goldenseal Root. Take according
to personal need. As there are no two people alike in age, size,
or physical construction (and the bowel itself will differ in
persons as much as the finger prints), most people will start
with two number “0” capsules or 30 drops of the glycerine based
extract three times a day, and then regulate the dosage from
there. All encapsulated products are in a pure 100% vegetable
based capsule.

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