UPC: 084783891062
# CO0027

Bilberry Eye Caps 100 ct. Description: This
formula is a synergistic blend of herbs to help with the healthy
circulation to the eye. This formula helps promote blood
circulation to the eyes helping to repair damaged vessels,
improve night vision, cleanse the tissues and bring antioxidants
to the eye. Bilberries a close relative of blueberries, are high
in a bioflavonoid complex known as anthocyanosides.
Anthocyanosides speed the regeneration of rhodopsin, the purple
pigment that is used by the rods in the eye for night vision.
This makes bilberry a possible first line of defense for those
with poor night vision. This formula contains Bilberry,
Eyebright, Ginkgo Biloba Leaves & Cayenne Pepper. All
encapsulated products are in a pure 100% vegetable based

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