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Christopher's Smoke Out 1 oz . . Dr. Christopher's Family
Originals are convenient, safe and effective. Furthermore, these
time tested formulas have become the benchmark in the natural
products industry as well as the number 1 herbal dietary
supplements in the world. In keeping with valued natural healing
principles David Christopher M.H., son of the world famous Dr.
John R. Christopher and director of The School of Natural
Healing, continues to formulate some of Americas most effective
formulas. All Christopher Family Originals set the standard in
the natural products industry for quality, integrity and purity.
Instructions: As a dietary supplement, take 8 drops orally
instead of smoking, or as directed by your health care
professional. STORE IN A COOL DRY PLACE WARNING: Do not use
during pregnancy, or while nursing or give to a small child,
except as directed by your healthcare professional. Ingredients:
Lobelia Herb, Rose Hips and Cayenne Peppe

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