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The adrenal gland is a highly important organ that handles negative effect of stress. This may be emotional, physical or mental including muscular weakness and fatigue. Adrenetone powder is a synergistic mix of herbs that helps the adrenal glands. Supports bones, skin, tissue, hair, nails, teeth & gums. The all natural ingredients in the Adrenetone Powder may aid the body's ability to regulate stress & support normal adrenal function. Great supplement for stressful or active lifestyles.

Supplement Facts:
Wildcrafted mullein leaf, organic licorice root, organic eleutherol root, wildcrafted gotu kola herb, wildcrafted hawthorn berry, wildcrafted lobelia herb, organic ginger root, & cayenne pepper 40 MHU.

This product is not to be repackaged or relabeled. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

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