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It bathes the scalp in a propriatary blend of essential oils of
cedarwood, juniper, fir needle, thyme, ginger, neem, organic
herbs and green tea which help relieve itchiness and flakes and
restore the scalp to a balanced state. A study done by the Dept
of Dermatology, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Scotland showed that
using these esssential oils help promote hair growth. It
contains no chemicals which may cause irritation, instead we use
Neem, a herbal remedy from the neem tree in India, referred to
as “the village pharmacy” for its ability to help improve many
skin problems. Neem is a traditional antibacterial and
antifungal. Green tea is an antioxidant which promotes a healthy
scalp. Organic flax oil provides omega-3 essential fatty acids
which help prevent drying, flaking and cracking. Organic jojoba
oil is a “dry oil” that closely resembles the scalp’s own sebum.
It is readily accepted by the skin as a scalp balancing
treatment, making it a superior base for delivering beneficial
ingredients such as essential oils. It softens and dissolves
loose flakes and soothes the itching. Jojoba’s unique structure
keeps it from going rancid, thus no preservatives are needed.
Massage onto scalp and leave on overnight. The non greasy
formula helps relieve the itching and flaking. Tip: Some
customers use it on excema as well. Apply Intensive Therapy
in the evening to promote a balanced, healthy scalp and vibrant
head of hair. It contains essential oils of neem, thyme,
lavender, rosemary, cedarwood, and juniper in a jojoba oil base.
Regular use helps prevent itching and flaking, and may prevent
hair loss. Ingredients:Organic safflower oil, organic jojoba
oil, organic flax oil, essential oils of neem, thyme, lavender,
rosemary, cedarwood, juniper, fir needle, organic comfrey,
tocopherol (500 iu vitamin E).

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