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SalivaSure Flip Top Box - 90 loz

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  • For Temporary Relief From Dry Mouth
  • SalivaSure increases reduced salivary gland function as it dissolves slowly in the mouth.
  • Take 1 Lozenge Per Hour For Dry Mouth.
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SalivaSure™ Fast Relief From Dry Mouth Wake up your taste
buds and help get rid of dry mouth with “SalivaSure,” a
self-dissolving lozenge in a pocket size flip-top box that
moisturizes the mouth and helps freshen your
breath. SalivaSure increases saliva production through the
physiological stimulation of taste buds. SalivaSure lozenges
provide instant relief for dry mouth upon contact. Its
unique composition of sorbitol, fruit acids, salts and a
phosphate buffer are designed to avoid any damage to teeth or
dental tissue. "Relief for dry mouth." Convenient
Flip-top Container of 90 lozenges

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