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Strontium and Bone Cancer

Right away let it be stressed that strontium cannot be used to cure or prevent bone cancer. However, it does play a role in the aftercare of patients recovering from bone cancer. Strontium is contained as a trace element in bone structure because it is a catalyst for the reaction that fuses calcium compounds together to create bone. It is therefore an essential component in your diet because, being an inorganic mineral, your body cannot biosynthesize strontium.

In bone cancer, the bone structure can be radically affected and left very weak and prone to fracture. Even if the cancer has been cured the damage to the bone is such that the patient can still feel pain and suffer deformities some time in the future. Strontium can be used to promote and catalyze the fusion of more calcium to strengthen the diseased bone and fill in any gaps in its structure. This offers such patients a more optimistic prognosis for their future mobility.

Strontium also offers other benefits, the vast majority appertaining to bone and tooth structure, and its strengthening or reformation, and is a useful supplement to take. It is of particular use to those suffering osteoporosis or arthritis, but it should be stressed that it cannot be taken by children. A strontium supplement is liable to deform the bones as they are growing by interfering in the natural progression of bone formation.

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