EARTH SCIENCE: Lichen Natural Deodorant Scented 2.5 oz

Lichen Natural Deodorant Scented - 2.5 oz

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Liken Deodorant - Fresh Herbal Scent & Unscented Keep that
fresh clean feeling. All day. Naturally. We use Lichen Plant
Extract (our own unique discovery) in this gentle, effective and
long-lasting formula to control odor all day long without
aluminum or other harsh chemicals. Will not irritate sensitive
skin. 2.5 oz. solid stick - Scented and Unscented

Liken Natural Deodorant - Scented An herbal infusion of
Calendula, Sage, Goldenseal, Ginger, Arnica and Coriander
Extracts (in Propylene Glycol), Water, Sodium Stearate, Lichen
Plant Extract, Chamomile Extract, Silica, Herbal Fragrance.

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