EARTH THERAPEUTICS: Ultra Absorbant Angel-Tex Hair Body Towel 1 unit

Ultra Absorbant Angel-Tex Hair Body Towel - 1 unit

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This ultra plush towel is cut from angel-tex - a revolutionary fabric that absorbs excess moisture (such as water and sweat) much more quickly than ordinary fabrics. Developed with advanced proprietary micro-fiber technology, angel-tex is woven from fibers that are even finer than conventional micro-fiber. The result is a heavenly light, heavenly soft, super-absorbent towel that uses capillary action to literally "drink up" excess moisture.

Use on hair to cut down time on blow-drying and bring to the gym in convenient, reusable bag. Machine washable.
# Dry off hair and body extra-quickly to save time and to avoid the chills.
# Pamper the skin with extra softness to avoid the chafing and irritation that may come with the use of ordinary towels.
# Packaged in its own reusable pouch, the angel-tex towel can be used conveniently on the road or at the gym- just like it can be used every day at home.

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