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Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide As A Cleanser?

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural liquid formed out of two molecules of hydrogen and two of oxygen (H2O2). The extra oxygen molecule adds a boost of oxygen and converts it into an oxidizer. Food grade hydrogen peroxide has a power of 35% while topical peroxide, which is only for external applications, has a power of 3% with additions of some additives and stabilizers. Food grade peroxide is acidic and needs to be diluted prior to use.

Cleansing properties of Hydrogen Peroxide

The oxidation property of this product makes it a useful cleansing and disinfectant product. Hydrogen peroxide can kill bacteria and germs. Hence, it is extremely useful in the cleaning of bathrooms and toilets where the chances of accumulation of dirt and germs are higher.

This product can be combined with less expensive products available in the market like vinegar and baking soda to form an all-purpose cleaner. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties aid in keeping the house looking fresh, clean and germ free. The ability to suppress molds and mildew proves beneficial for areas like basements where the humidity levels are higher. It acts as a natural dehumidifier by absorbing the odor created by these fungi.

It acts as a sanitizer and can be used to sanitize the refrigerator and dishwasher at home, trash and recycle bins and even toys for the children. It has the effectiveness to cut through grease and is an ideal cleansing solution for kitchen sinks, countertops and gas stoves where a lot of grease pile up. It can also clean the floors, marble, showers, grout tiles and cupboards. Combination with baking soda can help to scrub the hard and brittle pots and pans. A spray of hydrogen peroxide in the garden can help in fighting fungus on plants.

It acts as an effective mouthwash, helps in sanitizing the toothbrush and also aids whitening of teeth. It can also be used to clean carpets or remove stains from clothes. However, a test check on the fabric can prove beneficial.

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the easily available, least expensive and versatile household cleaning product.

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