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Healing Herbs Dropper Five-Flower Formula by Flower Essence Services
Dr Bach originally called Rock Rose the ‘rescue remedy’. ‘The remedy of emergency for cases where there even appears no hope ... Other remedies in addition may also be required...‘ (The 12 Healers). This later became the 5 Flower formulation of: Cherry Plum to becalm, Clematis to revive, Impatiens to relax, Rock Rose to give strength and courage, and Star of Bethlehem to rebalance.

It can be regarded as a single remedy and added with others to make individual dosage combination remedies. Positive qualities: Calmness and stability in any emergency or time of stress

Suggested Use
Four drops, four times daily.


Brandy, water infusion (1,6000) of clematis vitalba, prunus cerasifera, impatiens glandulifera helianthemum nummularium, omithogalum, omithogalum flowers wild-harvested in Britain

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