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California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica)

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California Poppy was developed to help people cope with emotional imbalances, stresses and traumatic experiences.
This product can help you, your loved ones or pe

Positive qualities: A wonderful sense of well-being and peace

Patterns of imbalance: Attachment to illusion or grandeur, superficial spirituality or fantasies.

The health benefits of using California poppy

California poppy is from the same family as Opium poppy but it does not have narcotic features like the latter. There are some people who use it as a herbal remedy because of its medicinal properties. The plant originated from the western parts of North America. It is perennial and small in structure. A full grown plant is usually between fifty and sixty meters high.

Active Compounds

The plant contains a compound known as protopine. The compound has similar effects to morphine but it is milder. Some people refer to the California poppy as the golden poppy because it has a yellow golden hue. This is the state flower in California and can withstand harsh conditions such as scarcity and drought.

The medicinal properties are found in the flower's sap. The sap is known to contain alkaloid compounds. Alkaloid compounds are known to have sedative inducing traits. The flower can be traced back to the Indians, when someone had a toothache the root of the plant was applied to the inflamed tooth so as to alleviate pain. It has been discovered that the Native American also used the plant to treat headaches and insomnia. In case a person suffered from sores or skin ulcers the plant would be used to make a poultice for the patient.

California Poppy: Internal And External Uses

There are external and internal medicinal purposes that are associated with the flower. It is an effective sedative that can cure insomnia without subjecting the user to any known side effects. Most of the prescription medication for insomnia tends to have side effects. The plant can also be used to cure bladder pain and colic. Some people use it as a psychotherapeutic drug because its effects are different from those of Opium poppy. When someone suffers from an anxiety attack it can be used to calm them down from a hyper psychological state. Children who have a problem with bedwetting also benefit from the effects of this flower. It is also and antispasmodic and analgesic plant so it can treat muscle centered pain. The plant can also treat rapid pulse, high fever or a cough.

The leaves of the plant are often used for external purposes. They are ground into powder and then used to treat head lice since they are antimicrobial. This treatment is prepared by adding a teaspoon of dried California poppy leaves to a cup of hot water. When a person takes this concoction they also get to enjoy better sleep. The tincture form of the plant can also be used to treat other ailments.

California Poppy: Benefits

There are so many benefits that come from using the plant. People are advised to use it in its herbal state since it is all natural. The natural ingredients will restore the body's balance more effectively because it does not have any manufactured chemicals that can cause side effects.

There are a number of things that a person has to know when using California poppy. Despite the fact that this plant has no known side effects it should not be used by lactating mothers or in pregnancy. Do not use the herb when you are going for drug related test since it will result in a false positive.

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