Natural Balance: California Poppy Extract 1 fl oz

California Poppy Extract - 1 fl oz

by   Natural Balance
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Liquid California Poppy Extract

Supplement Facts:

Servings Per Container approx: 30

Total Carbohydrate: 1g

California Poppy (Eschscholzia Californica) Arial Extract (1:2 Ratio): 500mg

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerine And Deionized Water.

How Does California Poppy Extract Help With Pain?

The scientific name of the California poppy is “Eschscholtzia californica” but trades in diverse names; in Spanish it is known as the “copa de oro” while its common street name is the flame flower or the Golden flower. It is regarded as the state flower of California mainly because it grows mostly on the western coast of U.S.A including Oregon and Washington. The flame flower plant is a distant relative to the opium poppy but it is legal to cultivate and pluck it in the state contrary to the opium. Its medicinal properties were first documented by the Indian tribes in California. In the latter-day, the plant is highly appreciated to the extent of being celebrated in California on special days (April 6) of every year.

The flame flower as a pain reliever

The plant is popular with its tooth aches relief. Being highly sedative it is considered a quick reliever to tooth pains. Directly apply finely crushed roots extracts of the plant on the affected area for effective relief. Alternatively, prepare hot tea by dispensing hot water on the poppy seeds and let them settle for 5-10 minutes, sieve and drink the concoction while directing it to the affected tooth. In addition, the California poppy eases chronic pains such as headaches, stomach pains, muscle pains (due to its antispasmodic and analgesic properties), joints pain, and external wounds pains among many others. So, what does it alter to ease pain? The poppy seeds relieve pain by communicating with the brain to enhance the working of the opiate receptor responsible for decreasing all manner of pains in the body.

Other health benefits

- Anti-depressant: In view of the fact that it belongs to the opium family its sedative property has a calming effect vital for depressed patients. Per se, it can be used to treat insomnia and anxiety problems. Unlike prescription sleeping pills, the flame flower is natural and non-addictive due to the anti-narcotic alkaloids present. Also, individuals with ADHD, ADD, memory loss, and bedwetting find the poppy plants very beneficial.

- Stimulant: The same sedative properties produce mild effects that helps in many mental functions connected with the neurotransmitters. The flame flower works robustly without tampering the central nervous system.

- Antimicrobial: The leaves of the plant can be used in powder form on naked external cuts to speed up healing and prevent infections. The same property is used to treat head lice. In addition, the roots have been found to reduce the amount of milk produced by lactating women.

In Summary

Though the flame flower is affirmatively shown to have many health benefits, it has not been tested as safe for pregnant women. However, its pain relief properties are certain; on average take 15 - 25 drops of seed extracts three times a day. Mother Nature is daily revealing its small secrets every day, herbal medicine has been used by many tribes in the past and its impetus has started to show-up in the modern era, one of this herbs is California poppy which has proved tremendously effective and 100% safe.

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