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Record V Natural Toothbrush Soft -

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AVAILABLE SHADES: Red, Blue, Teal Green, Berry Pink. FACTS:
This product represents the ultimate combination of dental care
with environmental concern. The bristle field is compact, able
to access every region in the mouth. EkoTec is also very
hygienic. Dentists tell you to change your toothbrush every 4-6
weeks, but few of us actually do this because we forget to get
new toothbrushes or fail to keep a reserve
supply. Directions: Use as normal. Recommended to replace
every three months. CONTAINS: Plastic handle with boar
bristles. Pure Natural Bristle - Natural bristle brushes are
especially useful for people who require soft-bristled brushes
to avoid damaging tooth enamel or sensitive gums. The bristles
are carefully harvested from a special breed of boar using a
process similar to sheering sheep. The boar are extremely well
cared for and the bristles are sheered repeatedly during their
lifetimes. Natural bristle brushes run softer than their nylon
counterparts. A soft natural brush is equivalent to an extra
soft nylon one etc.

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