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Within the last few years you may have seen extensive
advertising about the benefits of using ripple “v” bristle
fields; these uniquely shaped bristles help prevent plaque
formation, as they can more effectively get in between the
teeth. What you may not know is that Fuchs is one of the
original manufacturers of the ripple v bristle toothbrush always
at the forefront of dental care technology. Fuchs has marketed
this type of brush head worldwide for more than 40 years.
Although billed as a new dental care discovery, ripple v
bristles have been a successful part of the Fuchs line since the
1950s! They are still the best-selling bristle shape in the
Fuchs product line. At Fuchs, these pioneering ripple “v”
bristles toothbrushes are marketed under the name “Record V”.
You will find them in our product line in both nylon and natural
bristles, and in soft, medium and hard levels of stiffness. The
Record V Toothbrush also features a uniquely angled neck,
providing maximum agility in reaching even the furthest corners
of the mouth. These unique brushes also have the distinction of
being copied by most of the major US toothbrush manufacturers
over the last few years, albeit at much higher prices.

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