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Hairbrush Olivewood Mini by Fuchs Brushes is made with wooden pins 5118. It uses no endangered wool. A well amde hairbrush can last for a lifetime. Has naturalboar bristles. It is carefully hand crafted to provide years of enjoyable use. The wool used is sheared from sheep. Durable and smooth to the touch. Comfortaable handle. Distributes the natural oil from scalp to the end of hairs. Protect the hair from any of the elements which cause drying and splitting of hair. Pamper yourself with this hairbrush, it provides calm and relaxation to a hectic day.

Recommended Use
To care for your brush, we recommend washing in cool water with the shampoo you use on your hair. Because it use the finest woods it is recommend that you do not soak your hairbrush. You can condition the natural boar bristles and your hair by using Natures Alchemy essential oils of Rosemary or Lavender in the following manner: Place a small amount of Natures Alchemy oil, just smaller than a dime, in the palm of your hand. Rub your hairbrush bristles in your palm to apply the oil and brush thoroughly from your scalp to the hair ends. You willsee the added shine and conditioning effects immediately. This weekly routine will also add a lovely fragrance to your hair.

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