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Green Magma USA Original Economy Size - 10.6 oz

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Economy Size Green Magma® At last! Green Magma Economy Size is
now available and in distribution! For years our Green Foods'
customer service department has been asked, "When are you coming
out with an economy size Green Magma?" Well, the time is NOW,
and the new large size is not only more convenient but more cost
effective as well: Two jars of Green Magma USA 5.3 oz. cost
$59.98 ($29.99 each) at suggested retail. By purchasing the
large container at $49.99, consumers save $9.99. And look
for introductory discounts on the new large Green Magma at you
favorite natural foods markets and vitamin stores. If you're
new to Green Magma, it is a 100% certified organic bright green
powder made with young barley grass juice - one of the most
nutritionally balanced foods in nature, containing vitamins,
minerals, amino acids, active enzymes and numerous beneficial
phytochemicals including chlorophyll and the antioxidant
flavonoid, 2"-O- glycosylisovitexin (2"-O- GIV). Green Magma's
concentrated powder provides your body with many vital nutrients
so often lacking in our fast-paced life-styles. People of
all ages have noticed a number of benefits from taking Green
Magma daily, including more energy, better digestion and
regularity, enhanced immunity, better looking hair, skin and
nails, a more efficient metabolism, better vision, and improved
mental function among others. Thousands of people have found
renewed health and vigor using Green Magma on a daily basis. Now
you can enjoy this favorite green drink with added convenience
and savings.

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