HEEL: T-Relief (formally: Traumeel) Gel 50 gm

T-Relief (formally: Traumeel) Gel - 50 gm

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This amazing homeopathic treatment is a godsend for
inflammations. Recommended by physicians worldwide for over 50
years as a safe alternative to conventional pain relief, it
leaves the user free of side effects and is appropriate for
long-term use, if necessary. A wide range of inflammatory
conditions -- sore throats, earaches, eczema, abscesses,
bruising, sprains, arthritis -- have been found to improve with
the use of Traumeel®. A friend who'd had a breast lumpectomy and
couldn't tolerate the prescribed pain killer used Traumeel® to
reduce her pain and swelling. It is even used by some
veterinarians at the Del Mar Race Track to reduce inflammation
in the legs of the race horses there. Some of the key
components in this remedy are Arnica, Calendula, Chamomilla,
Echinacea, Hamamelis, Hypericum, Millefolium and Symphytum. Each
brings its own unique property to the healing process. For the
temporary relief of symptoms, including mild to moderate pain,
associated with inflammatory, exuditive and degenerative
processes due to acute trauma, repetitive or overuse conditions,
or arthritic conditions, Traumeel® is a wonderful alternative to
what you've likely been using. Depending on the condition
Traumeel® is treating and the dosage given, individuals usually
see therapeutic improvement within 24 hours-1 week. Can you take
other medications while using Traumeel®? Absolutely. There have
been no known indications of drug interactions. We suggest you
have both tablets and ointment or gel in your medicine cabinet.
(Appropriate for infancy thru adulthood.)

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