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Calms Forte - 50 tabs

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Hyland's Calms Forté™ Hyland's Calms Forté provides 100%
all-natural, temporary symptomatic relief of simple nervous
tension and insomnia (sleeplessness). Hyland's Calms Forté works
without contraindications or side effects. No drug hangover, no
sedatives, just nature's answer to a good night's
sleep. Indications for Use: For the temporary symptomatic
relief of simple nervous tension and
sleeplessness. Formula: Passiflora 1X Triple Strength -
for restless or wakeful sleep from exhaustion Avena Sativa 1X
Double Strength - for stress, nervousness or nervous
headache Humulus Lupulus 1X Double Strength - for drowsiness
with incomplete sleep Chamomilla 2X (Chamomile) - for nervous
irritability And the following biochemic phosphates for
enhancing cellular function: Calcarea Phosphorica 2X HPUS,
Ferrum Phosphoricum 3X HPUS, Kali Phosphoricum 3X HPUS, Natrum
Phosphoricum 3X HPUS, Magnesia Phosphoricum 3X
HPUS Available in the following sizes: 32 caplets 50
tablets 100 tablets

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