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Other Details of American Ginseng American Ginseng (Panax
Quinquefolium) is an adaptogen having yin properties and a
sedative effect on the central nervous system. It may be
beneficial for brain, head, and blood vessels, blood sugar,
histamine levels, inflammation, stress, mental and physical
abilities, impotency, anemia, hardened arteries, depression,
diabetes, ulcers, edema, immune and lung function, appetite,
libido, protection against radiation exposure, and easement from
cocaine withdrawal. Ingredients/Supplement Fact of American
Ginseng 100% Pure American ginseng (panax quinquefolium) Root
Powder. Suggested Use/Direction of American Ginseng Consult
your doctor before using this product. Keep away from the reach
of children. Warning for American Ginseng Keep out of
the reach of children. Do not take during pregnancy.

American Ginseng- Each capsule contains 500mg of pure American Ginseng root powder. 100 capsules per bottle. . 100 capsules

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