UPC: 357955515029
# KB0148

Indications for use: For mild depression, disinterest &/or discontent. For promoting cheerfulness & joy, vivacious energy, enthusiasm, light-heartedness.

Remarks: Can be helpful for seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This remedy is a pleasant enhancement to any experience. Especially helpful for developing comfort in social settings, and approaching problems with optimism.

Possible Related Physical Conditions: Anemia, affections of the lungs, debility, diarrhea or constipation.

Official HPUS Ingredients: Anacard or, Avena, Cinchona, Phosphorus, Tabacum. Other: Neurotransmitter Complex. Essential Oil: Coriander, Ylang ylang. Flower Essences: Agrimonia eup., Nemophila men., Borago off., Rosa cal., Capsicum ann., Carpinus bet., Larix dec., Delphinium nutt., Zinnia eleg.

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