THE MATE FACTOR: Assorted Carved Gourd from Argentina 1 pc

Assorted Carved Gourd from Argentina - 1 pc

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  • Drinking gourd
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THE MATE FACTOR Assorted Carved Gourd from Argentina 1 pc

Product Description

How to Cure your Gourd

Before you can use the gourd it should be cured first. Curing the gourd will prevent it form cracking, molding and improve the flavor of your chimarrao. The longer using the gourd the better the taste.

Curing process
1. Fill the gourd half-way with Yerba Mate.

2. Add 1 tablespoon of fire wood or any burnt plant ashes. Don not use ashes came from coal and non vegetable sources.

3. Fill the gourd with hot water until full.

4. Let it sit in a well-ventilated place for 2-3 days. Make sure the gourd is always full of water.

5. After 3 days, pour the water from curing and rinse thoroughly.

Use of Your Gourd
1. Fill your gourd about 2/3 full with Fresh Mate Factor Yerba Mate.

2. Tilt your gourd to the side and "shape" the Yerba to form a "wall" that rises at an angle to the top of the gourd.

3. Wet the Yerba Mate with cold water and take care to keep your "wall" intact. Place your Bombilla (filter straw) into the Yerba Mate while holding the top with your thumb. Get the Bombilla into the herb so it is wedged into the Yerba and does not move too easily. Reform your wall if needed.

4. Finally, pour hot boiling water over the Yerba Mate and draw out your first infusion. Some may prefer to spit out the first "draw", as it can be very strong. Keep your water supply handy, the Yerba in your gourd will infuse many "draws" of water.

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