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The consumption of saturated fat could help maintain a more
healthy physique and body weight. Yes, it’s true, and a growing
circle of nutritionists and dieticians believe that not
consuming enough “good fat” may be responsible for today’s
skyrocketing obesity rates. Unlike most saturated fats, MCT’s
(Medium Chain Triglycerides) are considered beneficial to
several areas of human health. They are composed of caprylic
and capric acids and occur naturally in sources such as coconut
and palm kernel oils. As their name clearly implies, medium
chain triglycerides are structurally shorter (6-12 carbon atoms)
than the more difficult to burn long chain fatty acids. In
comparison to other types of fat that require impressive amounts
of enzymes and bile acids during intestinal absorption, MCT’s
are quickly metabolized by the liver. Their unique structure
and biological role makes them an ideal source of energy that is
capable of utilizing stored fat, improving muscle energy, and
increasing the body’s production of ATP (adenosine
triphosphate). A number of clinical studies have suggested that
supplementing medium chain triglycerides in place of other
saturated fats may be helpful in maintaining healthy body weight
and therefore a more desirable physique. NOW MCT Oil is 100%
Pure formula that contains only USP pharmaceutical grade MCT Oil
from vegetarian sources.

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