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XyliWhite™ Cinnafresh Toothpaste Gel - 6.4 oz.
Fresh Taste 
Whitening Reduces Plaque Floride-Free 25%
Xylitol XyliWhite™ Cinnafresh is a remarkable new toothpaste
gel from NOW Foods that uses Xylitol, a natural sugar alcohol
that looks and tastes similar to conventional sugar with one
major exception - it has 40% fewer calories! Unlike many of
the chemicals found in other fluoride based, whitening
toothpastes, xylitol is a natural, well-tolerated substance
commonly found in fruits, berries and other natural sources. In
fact, the human body even manufactures its own supply - up to 15
grams, everyday. Xyliwhite™ is an all-natural “refreshmint”
toothpaste made from select materials and guaranteed to be of
superior quality.* Xyliwhite™ toothpaste is completely safe for
users of every age. Our decision to introduce new Xyliwhite™
toothpaste was not made overnight. Rather, it was the result of
intense worldwide research and official endorsements from 6
international dental associations. Though it was discovered
in the 1800’s, xylitol research has surged over the last 50
years. Some of the most notable studies (including those
conducted at Finland’s Turku University) have tested xylitol’s
ability to fight cavities, plaque, gingivitis, dry mouth and bad
breath. Others have tested its ability to help neutralize plaque
acids, assist in the re-mineralization of tooth enamel and
attack the bacteria that can cause tooth decay. At the end of
the day, this research ultimately suggests that xylitol may help
promote a smile that is whiter, brighter and far more healthy.
The XyliWhite™ Advantage XyliWhite™ is a remarkable new
fluoride-free "Cinnafresh" toothpaste gel that uses all-natural
Xylitol as its main ingredient. Free of SLS chemicals (sodium
laurel sulfate) Perfectly suitable for vegetarians Clean and
fresh, cinnamon taste Healthy teeth that are whiter and
stronger Contains 25% Xylitol, one of the highest contents
available! Proven safe for both adults and children alike A
toothpaste unilke anything you've ever experienced Xylitol.
Your Smart Alternative to Fluoride. The human body produces
Xylitol every day. This makes it safe and well tolerated for
users of every age! In addition, Xylitol... Supports healthy
teeth and gums Helps fight harmful plaque build-up Supports
healthy enamel tooth surfaces Clinically proven to help
promote dental health Scientifically tested for over 30 years
Officially endorsed by 6 international dental
associations Xliwhite™ Toothpaste Fact Sheet The Xylitol
Revolution: Sweet Versatality Details Directions:
Adults and children 2 years and older: Apply XyliWhite™
toothpaste gel on to a soft bristle toothbrush. Brush
thoroughly after meals or at least twice a day or as directed by
your dentist. Functional Ingredients: Xylitol (25%), Papain
(whitening) Other Ingredients: Water, Hydrated Silica,
Sorbitol, Glycerin, Sodium Bicarbonate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine,
Carrageenan Gum (Chondrus crispus), Cassia Oil (Cinnamomum
cassia) (Leaf), Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) (Leaf),
and Potassium Sorbate. Contains no: Fluoride. Warnings:
None Disclaimers: None

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