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Can Lobelia Be Used For an Asthma Attack?

Much has been written about the relaxing properties of lobelia inflata, and there are no doubts that small quantities of lobelia help to relax spasms and improve the blood supply to the heart and the brain. Lobelia contains an alkaloid known as lobeline that is strongly anti-spasmodic and can relax the bronchial passage during an asthma attack. It is also used to give rapid relief from convulsions and croup. However, overuse can cause vomiting and other health problems, so the herb extract should be used only sparingly.

If you have a mild asthma attack, perhaps caused by strenuous work, then a small amount of lobelia tincture may help to relax your breathing. It appears to fool your body into believing your blood contains insufficient oxygen, or too much carbon dioxide, and so deepens your breathing and enriching your blood with oxygen.

Nevertheless asthma is a serious medical condition, and you should never replace the conventional treatment recommended by your doctor or physician with a herbal substitute. That can be very dangerous, particularly when much of the evidence is anecdotal rather than scientifically tested. Yes, you can use lobelia for an asthma attack, but you should only do so with the full knowledge and advice of your doctor and with your regular inhaler handy.

Lobelia Herb Category: Organic Alcohol Homeopathic Tincture
3X 18-12% certified organic alcohol Serving size: 0.25mL, 3x
daily Each serving contains: Lobelia herb homeopathic tincture
3x (HPUS) 250mg Kosher Bio-Chelated® UPC Code MSRP
Size 0-83000-00388-2 $11.49 1 ounce

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