NATURE'S ANSWER: Motherwort Extract 1 fl oz

Motherwort Extract - 1 fl oz

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  • May help PMS, Thyroid and Rheumatic Problems.
  • Supports Heart Health, may be used for headache, insomnia, and vertigo (dizziness).*
  • Traditionally, Motherswort has been used for childbirth pain and as a tranquilizer.*
UPC: 083000004063
# NA0098

Motherwort Herb Category: Organic Alcohol Fluid Extract
12-15% certified organic alcohol Serving size: 2mL, 3x daily
Each serving contains: Motherwort herb fluid extract (1:1)
2,000mg Kosher Bio-Chelated® UPC Code: 0-83000-00406-3

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