NATURE'S ANSWER: Chickweed Alcohol Free Extract 1 fl oz

Chickweed Alcohol Free Extract - 1 fl oz

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Using Chickweed to Reduce Swelling

Swelling is normally caused by a natural reaction of your body to damage, irritation or bacterial and viral infections known as inflammation. Inflammation is characterized by an increase in the diameter of your small blood vessels, designed to enable large killer cells reach the site of the problem, but that also allows a build-up of fluid in the same area. This leads to swelling, which causes pain by exerting pressure on the nerve endings in the affected area.

Another result of inflammation is a rise in temperature: your immune system does this to render the infected site less attractive to bacteria and viruses that prefer ambient temperatures. So areas suffering physical damage, (e.g. osteoarthritis), irritation (allergies), infection (cuts and intestinal infections), and general attack of your tissues by your own immune system (rheumatoid arthritis), will swell up, may feel hot and may also feel painful.

Wounds will take a long time to heal, and your digestive system may expel its contents in the form of diarrhea. Joints swell up and become unbearably painful and you suffer a number of allergic reactions from acne to asthma. A chickweed supplement can help to prevent all of these or can at least help reduce their severity. Your body is enabled to adapt better and to accelerate the healing process.

Chickweed Herb Category: Alcohol Free Fluid Extract (1:1)
Serving Size: 1-2mL, 3x daily Each serving contains: Chickweed
herb fluid extract (1:1) 2,000mg Promotes A Healthy Body
Kosher Bio-Chelated® UPC Code MSRP Size 0-83000-00589-3
1 ounce

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