NATURALCARE PRODUCTS INC: Prosta-Health For Men 60 caps

Prosta-Health For Men - 60 caps

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Prosta-health is the newest product by NaturalCdare that has
been specially made to lower the symptoms of an enlarged
prostate caused by BPH. The unique combination of ingredients
relived and lessens painful or frequent urination, slow or
diminished stream, difficulty voiding completely, and
nocturia. Prosta-Health For Men Ingredients: Active
Ingredients: Apis mellifica 6X, Chimaphilla umbellate 6X,
Clematis 6X, Lycopodium 6X, Sabal serrulata 6X, Thuja
6X. Safety & Storage Instructions: Please refer to labeled
dosage instructions. The dosage information can be found in the
“Directions” section of the label on the product’s box. You can
also may find the dosage information on the product’s webpage
located on this website. Please be sure to read all information
located in this section. When using any product, it should be
used before its expiration date. Please consult with your own
physician or health care practitioner regarding the suggestions
and recommendations made by

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