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Cinnamol 1 oz The product Cinnamol is used for pancreatic
support. It helps by supporting insulin function and helps to
assist the sugar/starch metabolism .Cinnamol is also a natural
antiseptic . This product also has CO2 extraction with is
great for retaining insulin-supporting
flavonoids. Ingredients 3 drops contains surpercritical
(cold) extract cinnamon oil 150mg Suggested Use take 3 or
more drops under the tongue or in juice /water with meals. An
excellent addition to hot milk, oatmeal, or cereal. Ideal for
use ad flavoring.

'Cinnamol helps the normal function of the pancreas by supporting insulin function. It's a natural product, that don't have bad affects on your health. It's a concentrated oil, because we know that the cinnamon is extracted through a process known as supercritical extraction. It's a natural product, doesn't contain artificial preservatives. Normally you can take 2 or 3 drops under the tounge or you can just put it in juice or water, how you prefer with your meal. It' a really great product, my all family it's using that, especially the kids, they love it. I strongly recomand the Cinnamol.
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