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HOT STUFF UP YOUR GAS TABS 60 Up Your Gas contains a blend of
herbs; vitamins; and minerals; to significantly increase energy
and alertness. Manufacturer's Product Research: Looking for
something to kick your body's energy levels into overdrive? Look
no further than up your gas. It's the most talked about energy
booster on the market. Up your gas is a power packaged
combination of natural ingredients designed to deliver rapid and
sustained energy to the body. Once your try it you'll know how
it got its crazy name. So the next time you feel yourself
running out of gas; reach for up your gas. Manufacturer's
Directions/Recommended Usage: Take two tablets; for a fast
acting energy boost; as a dietary supplement. Ingredients:
Guarana Seed ExtractÂ…1200mg (Paullina cupana); Kola Nut (cola
acuminata); Yerba Mate Leaf Extract (lies paraguariensis);
Quebracho Bark Extract (aspidosperma quebracho-blanco); Korean
Ginseng Root (panax ginseng); Cayenne Pepper (capsicum
frutescens); Krebs Cycle Chelates (calcium; magnesium;
potassium); Spirulina Blue-Green Algae (spirulina pratensis);
Wheat Grass (triticum vulgare); Bee Pollen; Barley Grass
(hordeum vulgare); Gotu Kola Leaf (centella asiatica); Niacin;
Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheryl succinate); Ginkgo Biloba Leaf;
Lipoic Acid; Inosine; Octacosanol. Cautions: Keep this product
out of reach of children. As with dietary supplements; if you
are pregnant or nursing; or if you are under medical care or
taking medication seek advice from a health care professional.
Contains: Caffeine Additional Ingredients: N/A May also Contain:
N/A Does not contain: MaHuang; Ephedrine

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