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Unique Sore Throat Spray Introduced by NatraBio® FERNDALE,
Wash., August 1, 1999 -- NatraBio® Sore Throat Pain Relief spray
is a unique, patent-pending formula that numbs the throat
utilizing all-natural ingredients. This natural homeopathic
medicine relieves sore throat pain by coating the sore and
irritated mucous membranes. Unlike many over-the-counter throat
sprays, this formula does not contain phenol* so it can be taken
throughout the day for continuous relief. Jeff Kuklenski,
Director of Marketing, noted, "this proprietary throat spray is
available is a special 4oz. plastic bottle with a pump sprayer
that has been specially developed to spray medicine to the back
of the throat where the irritation occurs to provide longer
lasting relief." Kuklenski added, "as a natural homeopathic
medicine, this product treats adults and children without the
worry of side effects and contraindications. In addition, this
throat spray has not artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners."
NatraBio® is a full line of natural combination homeopathic
medicines and selected supplements that address a variety of
conditions and symptoms. Each product is manufactured in
accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United
States under strict FDA standards.

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