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NatraBio Introduces New Homeopathic Tablets

NatraBio announces the launch of its new and improved solid dose products. In its on-going mission to deliver the most innovative and effective products to the homeopathic market, NatraBio has taken its top selling and most popular Premium and Glandular Support products and updated the packaging design, tablet count and formulas. NatraBio products are manufactured in a pharmaceutical-grade facility in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States under strict FDA standards.

What is different about these new NatraBio products? The new packaging is bright and attractive. The tablets are now all quick dissolving tablets and are blister packed for freshness and convenience. Some of the formulas have been updated to provide even more effective results!

NatraBio products have been manufactured and sold in the leading health food stores and natural supermarkets for over 20 years. Since its inception, NatraBio® has become one of the most respected brands in the natural products industry, dedicated to a deep, philosophical commitment to the science behind homeopathy and natural healing, and the establishment and adherence to strict pharmaceutical quality standards

As a leader in natural medicine, we understand that consumers today are looking for safe, effective alternatives to conventional drug products that do not cause side effects or contraindicate with other medicines they may already be taking. But they also want results. And with NatraBio's clinically tested, combination formulations, consumers are able to realize the positive, multi-symptom results they are looking for, naturally. With NatraBio®, consumers will find:

  • Innovative, natural medicines
  • Clinically tested, combination formulas
  • Pharmaceutical quality standards

NEW! Flu Relief Nasal Spray & Chewable Citrus Tablets

The Flu Relief nasal spray & tablets provide a unique delivery of flu fighting medicine directly through the mucous membranes to provide fast-acting flu symptom relief. Used at the first sign of the flu, Flu Relief provides relief from flu symptoms.

  • Non addicting
  • No rebound effect
  • No side effects or contra-indications
  • Non-drowsy
  • Available now!

bioAllers Advanced Allergy Medicine

Our industry-leading research and development team has pioneered many developments in complimentary natural medicines. Included in those developments are the bioAllers® natural homeopathic allergy formulas. Our efforts to provide advanced natural medicines like the bioAllers, are all grounded in the philosophy of using science-based research and development that is also supported by university and clinical studies. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality control standards, creating innovative product formulations, and incorporating the best of what natures’ medicines and conventional medicines have to offer.

NatraBio® is part of the Consumer Products Division of Botanical Laboratories, Inc. Located in Ferndale, WA., Botanical Laboratories has a rich history of natural products manufacturing, including homeopathic medicines, herbal products, vitamin and mineral supplements, and specialty items.

Natra-bio/botanical labs Product List
1.   NT0096
bioAllers Grass Pollen Allergy Relief bioAllers Grass Pollen Allergy Relief   1 fl oz

$ 9.74
44% OFF
2.   NT0143
bioAllers Indoor Allergy bioAllers Indoor Allergy   60 tabs

$ 7.84
44% OFF
3.   NT0074
bioAllers Mold  Yeast  Dust Allergy Relief bioAllers Mold Yeast Dust Allergy Relief   1 fl oz

$ 9.74
44% OFF
4.   NT0144
bioAllers Outdoor Allergy bioAllers Outdoor Allergy   60 tabs

$ 9.10
35% OFF
5.   NT0142
bioAllers Pet Allergy For People bioAllers Pet Allergy For People   60 tabs

$ 7.84
44% OFF
6.   NT0073
bioAllers Pollen  Hayfever Relief bioAllers Pollen Hayfever Relief   1 fl oz

$ 9.74
44% OFF
Natra-bio/botanical labs List
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