NATURE'S WAY: Pepogest (Peppermint Oil) 60 softgels

Pepogest (Peppermint Oil) - 60 softgels

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Pepogest Description Pepogest is a targeted release
peppermint oil supplement that provides natural gastrointestinal
comfort. Developed by Dr. Stephen Holt, Pepogest delivers the
clinically proven dose. Usage For centuries peppermint oil
has been traditionally used for gastrointestinal upset, cramps,
gas and nausea. Today, modern science focuses on the
menthol-rich essential oil found in peppermint leaves that
soothes occasional disruptions in the bowel often caused by
nervousness, overeating and/or changes in the diet.*
The following list is for serving size of 1 Softgel Primary
Ingredients Amount USRDA Peppermint Oil 0.2 ml 0%
Soybean Oil 0.1 ml 0%

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