NATURE'S WAY: Raw Coconut Whole Food Organic 16 OZ

Raw Coconut Whole Food Organic - 16 OZ

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Nature's Way Raw Coconut Whole Food Organic

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Certified Organic:

Made from non-GMO coconuts Unrefined; Non-bleached No solvents; Hexane Free Non Hydrogenated; No Trans Fat Pure Whole Food Whole coconut flesh, not just oil. Contains fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals and medium chain triglycerides (MTCs)- a natural energy source. Superior Flavor Taste and aroma of fresh coconuts Enhances your favorite foods. Variety of Uses Add to fruit smoothies Spread on bagels and toast Mix into homemade energy bars Use as a replacement for butter, margarine or shortening in dips, sauces, dressings, desserts etc.

Does Not Contain:

gluten, artificial ingredients, preservatives.

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size 2 TABLESPOONS Servings Per Container 16


Amount Per Serving: 200

% DailyValue: N/A

Calories From Fat

Amount Per Serving: 165

% DailyValue: N/A

Total Fat

Amount Per Serving: 18 Gm

% DailyValue: 28%

Saturated Fat

Amount Per Serving: 16 Gm

% DailyValue: 80%


Amount Per Serving: 0 Gm

% DailyValue: N/A


Amount Per Serving: 0 Mg

% DailyValue: N/A


Amount Per Serving: 5 Mg

% DailyValue: N/A

Total Carbohydrate

Amount Per Serving: 7 Gm

% DailyValue: 2%

Dietary Fiber

Amount Per Serving: 10 Gm

% DailyValue: 40%


Amount Per Serving: 1 Gm

% DailyValue: N/A


Amount Per Serving: 2 Gm

% DailyValue: 4%

Vitamin A

Amount Per Serving: 0

% DailyValue: 1%

Vitamin C

Amount Per Serving: 0

% DailyValue: N/A


Amount Per Serving: 0

% DailyValue: N/A


Amount Per Serving: 0

% DailyValue: 5%

* Daily value not established

Other Ingredients:

Organic raw whole coconut

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