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Almond Glow Skin Lotion - Coconut

Product Details: Manufacturer's Product Description: Almond Glow
Coconut Skin Lotion is lightly scented oil for use after bath or
for massage to revitalize the skin and release muscle tightness.
Manufacturer's Product Research: Natural Health begins at home.
Coconut skin lotion. Natural; all-purpose lotion. Moisturizes
and revitalizes the skin. Excellent for massage. To Complete
your personal health and beauty program; we invite you to try
other quality products from the Home Health line of naturally
based formulas. The rich; natural oils that make Almond Glow a
delightful moisturizing lotion for all-over skin care also make
it an excellent massage oil. Our exclusive formula includes the
following natural ingredients: Peanut Oil-an excellent emollient
and lubricant. Olive Oil-to nourish the skin. Lanolin Oil-to
moisturize and soften. And Vitamin E-to maintain skin's vitality
for a healthy complexion all over. At Home Health; years of
research have gone into creating truly effective personal care
products based on tr

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