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BioCell Collagen II is an organic supplement that gives
excellent nutrition for the connecting tissues' health (ex.
articular joints and skin). This product provides the body
with protein and is important for keeping joint cartilage in
good health. The Hyaluronic Acid is a fluid that goes around
joints, cartilage, and tissues of the skin. BioCell Collagen
II may help with osteoarthritiz, degenerative joint disease,
joint defects, vascular disease, and cartilage injuries. This
product helps with health, appearance, and the elasticity of the
skin. Taking 3-4 capsules per day will provides a good amount of
Collagen Type II. Supplement Facts: Serving size: 3
Capsules Amount Per Serving:
%RDA BioCell Collagen II 1,500mg
** (Chicken Collagen Type II) Chondrotin Sulfate
300mg ** Hyaloric Acid 150mg
** ** U.S. Recommended Daily Allowence Not Established For

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