Lice B Gone: LiceBGone Kit 4oz 4 pc

LiceBGone Kit 4oz - 4 pc

by   Lice B Gone
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  • 100% pestcide-free formula
  • Safe, non-toxic lice, nit and scabies treatment
  • Totally effective in removing head lice
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Lice B Gone is a safe, non-toxic lice, nit and scabies treatment. This is 100% pestcide-free formula that contains enzymes derived from natural plant sources. It is totally effective in removing head lice and is equally effective on nits, loosening the glue that bonds them to the hair shaft for easy removal with a nit comb. The kit will treat up to 2 people, depending on the length of their hair.

This extra-strength formula has been clinically proven to effectively remove lice and nits WITHOUT harmful pesticides or irritating chemicals. Most cases require only one application. However, the shampoo does need to stay on the person for 30-60 minutes to allow the formula to soften the glue holding nits and lice eggs to hair shafts. With Lice-B-Gone’s non-irritating natural formula, this is an inconvenience rather than a health risk.

Lice B Gone can be used by pregnant women, nursing mothers, young children and people with asthma and allergies. It is also effective on body lice, crab lice and scabies.

For Head Lice: Spray Lice B Gone onto dry hair and massage or comb to insure that the hair is completely saturated. Be sure to keep out of eyes and if possible, put a shower cap over hair after application. Allow Lice B Gone to remain on the hair for 30-60 minutes. This is the length of time required for Lice B Goneä to soften the glue, which holds the nits (lice eggs) to the hair shaft. Remove the shower cap and comb hair carefully with a nit comb to remove all lice and nits. If hair is long, thick and/or curly, comb with a wide toothcomb to straighten and de-tangle before using the nit comb. Rinse hair with warm water and inspect under a bright light using a magnifying glass.

Kit Contains: shampoo, 2 shower caps, and a nit comb. Kits are available in a 4 oz. shampoo size and a 16 oz. shampoo size. Also available are a gallon refill size on the shampoo, extra caps and nit combs.


For Body Lice/Crab Lice: Apply Lice B Goneä directly to the affected areas of the body and keep wet for at least 60 minutes, reapplying when necessary. Shower with warm water and re-inspect.

For Scabies: Spray Lice B Goneä onto affected area(s), allowing it to dry uncovered and remain on the skin for a minimum of 12 hours. Inspect the treated area(s) and reapply Lice B Goneä with a cotton ball to spots still showing signs of redness.

Warning: Avoid getting into eyes. If eye contact is made, flush thoroughly with cool water.

Keep out of reach of children. Use only under adult supervision.

For external use only.

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