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Elderol is the most powerful elderberry extract known. This is because it’s an extract, from wild plants, which is completely unaltered. Also, it’s ultra-potent, because it is 100% raw. All other elderberry extracts are heat-treated. The berries used for this extract are handpicked from the most remote regions of the world, the unspoiled far northern Canadian wilderness. After picking, they are cold-pressed immediately.

Elderberries are obtained from the elder tree, Sambucus nigra. These dark, plum-colored berries are rich in a wide range of powerful flavonoids and phytochemicals, which are accepted therapeutic substances. Elderberry extracts, and even the berry itself, have long been used in folk medicines. Their benefits are now being rediscovered by researchers, who claim that elderberry juice is highly beneficial for the support of a number of systems in the body.

One of the most dramatic benefits is elderberries’ support of the immune system. Hemagglutinin protein, which is found in natural fruit, has been shown to support the strength of cells, thus inhibiting the influenza virus’s ability to penetrate cells and/or replicate.

In one placebo-controlled, double-blind study conducted by virologist Madeleine Mumcuoglu, nine out of 10 people taking elderberry reported significant improvement in symptoms within two days of taking elderberry, compared with the six days it took for the placebo group.1

In another randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study in Norway, researchers gave either a placebo syrup or elderberry syrup to patients who reported having flu-like symptoms for less than 48 hours. Those who received the elderberry syrup saw relief of symptoms four days earlier than the group that received the placebo syrup.2

Researchers have also found that people who have consumed elderberries have higher levels of antibodies against the influenza virus, showing that elderberries provide a significant level of support for a healthy immune system.3 It is as if it has been divinely made for this purpose.

Humankind has recognized it as a useful plant, even in prehistoric times. The book Magic and Medicine of Plants states that evidence of its cultivation is found in Stone Age village sites in Switzerland and Italy.

The countless benefits of elderberry juice can be attributed to the various essential nutrients that it contains. Elderberry juice is a top source of nutrients such as vitamins A and B, amino acids, flavonoids, tannins, rutin, and carotenoids. Other vital nutrients found in elderberry include organic pigments, viburnic acid, phosphorous, calcium and potassium. It also is a powerful source of anthocyanins and quercitin. However, raw extracts are incomparably more potent than the mere juice, as all the phytochemicals are in their most highly biological form.

Elderol is the only raw supplement available, and thus, all enzymes and essential nutrients are readily available. Wild- source Elderol should be used daily for best results. Plus, it can be taken repeatedly as drops under the tongue, if necessary, and is the ideal type of elderberry extract for infants and children. Combined with Oreganol P73 immune support formula, they make a perfect, powerful pair.


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