Navitas Naturals: Organic Golden Berries 4 oz

Organic Golden Berries - 4 oz

by   Navitas Naturals
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  • Andean Superfruit
  • Certified Organic
  • Power Foods for the Modern Lifestyle
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Organic Golden Berries by Navitas Naturals

Navitas Naturals Golden Berries (also known as Gooseberries or Incan berries) have been enjoyed for their health properties in South American cultures for thousands of years, and with their unique sweet and tart taste, these berries are not to be forgotten any time soon. Nature’s version of a “Lemonhead” candy, Navitas Naturals Golden Berries make a delicious snack that is nutritionally packed with anti-inflammatory bioflavonoids, vitamins A and C, and protein. Eat this exotic raisin straight out of the bag, or give a recipe that calls for dried fruit a new, zestful boost.


Certified organic goldenberries (Physalis peruviana)

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