CELTIC SEA SALT: Flower of the Ocean Salt Bag 4 oz

Flower of the Ocean Salt Bag - 4 oz

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  • Gourmet Celtic sea salt “fleur de sel” finishing salt
  • Semi-course attractive salt crystals
  • Sustainably harvested and raw
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Flower of the Ocean Salt Bag by Celtic Sea Salt

Celtic sea salt brand flower of the ocean, most commonly known as “fleur de sel” sea salt, is a natural phenomenon. Only when the weather conditions are just right do these small, delicate crystals form naturally on the surface of the salt brine. Look closely at this naturally white salt and you will notice a pink tint that bespeaks its precious character. Flower of the ocean has an elegant, complex, and delicate flavor balanced with a hint of sweetness. Most people choose to save flower of the ocean as a “finishing” salt (sprinkled over foods just before serving), but it can be used in cooking, or ground and used in baking. It’s chocolatier’s go-to finishing salt for sprinkling atop chocolate desserts. Flower of the ocean also makes an excellent margarita salt. Kosher pareve certified.

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