Michael's Naturopathic: Ultimate Detox Cleanse Rebuild 1 kit

Ultimate Detox Cleanse Rebuild - 1 kit

by   Michael's Naturopathic
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  • Super Defense Food™ Delicious fruit and green Super Food formula
  • Ultimate Detox & Cleanse
  • Vegetarian Dietary Supplements
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Ultimate Detox Cleanse Rebuild by Michael's Naturopathic

Contains: Liver Wellness™, Blood Detoxification Factors™, Fiber & More™ and Fat Metabolism Factors™ (7-day supply, 2 packets per day). In addition, 7-day supply of NEW Super Defense Food™ Daily Whole Food Complex.


Take the contents of one packet with breakfast, and one packet with lunch (two packets per day). Follow this schedule for 7 days. Throughout the time you are using Michael's Ultimate Detox & Cleanse & Rebuild™ program, drink plenty of water (non-tap, distilled is best): 8 glasses or more daily. It is also helpful to increase your consumption of fibrous fruits and vegetables while decreasing consumption of processed foods, meat and dairy products.

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