Plantfusion: Phood Chocolate Caramel 1 lb

Phood Chocolate Caramel - 1 lb

by   Plantfusion
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  • 100% Plant Based Whole Food Meal Shake
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Whole Food Vitamins
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Phood Chocolate Caramel by Plantfusion>/b>

Balanced complete proteins. Complex nutrient-dense carbs. Essential fats rich in omega 3's. Organic wholefood sources of vitamins and minerals. Probiotics, enzymes, fiber, and a powerful phytonutrient blend of greens. And let's also make it entirely from raw plant-based ingredients, free of major allergens, and completely non-GMO.

This is PlantFusion Phood Whole Food Meal Shake!

PlantFusion Multi-Source Protein Blend: Five uniquely balanced protein sources with enhanced levels of key branched chain amino acids and glutamine.

Land & Sea EFA Blend: More than just Omega-3s. Our complex blend of flax, algalin, and sunflower is also rich in naturally-occurring phytonutrients like lutein, zeaxanthin, and tocotrienols. Probiotic, Digestive Enzyme Blend Lactospore: Shown in scientific studies to maintain stability & potency longer than other probiotics. Plus, natural enzymes to aid in digestion.

Organic SuperPhood Energy Matrix: Modcarb - patented blend of complex carbs from organic ancient grains. Nature's perfect sustained energy source. And the superfruit "Baobab"; an incredible energy food harvested from Africa's prolific "Tree of Life".

Wholefood Vitamin/Mineral w/Greens Complex: 100% of our vitamins & minerals are sourced from organic plants. No chemically-isolated vitamins added. Includes a unique blend of organic cruciferous greens to support antioxidant nutrition, heart health and glucose balance.

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