Foods Alive: Himalayan Pink Salt 14 oz

Himalayan Pink Salt - 14 oz

by   Foods Alive
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  • 100% pure and natural mineral salt crystals from ancient sea salt deposits deep in the Himalayan Mountains
  • A beautiful pink color and high mineral content that can be easily assimilated and metabolized by the body
  • Finely culinary mineral salt ground small enough to be used in a common salt shaker
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Himalayan Pink Salt by Foods Alive

Today's common table salt has nothing in common with natural salt. Table salt is actually 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% chemicals such as moisture absorbents, and iodine. Dried at over 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, the excessive heat alters the natural chemical structure of the salt. -- Our fine granulated Himalayan Crystal Salt is the purest salt in the world. Free of bleaches, preservatives, and chemical additives. It has more than 84 minerals and trace elements. This gourmet-grade salt adds a burst of flavorful energy to every dish!

The salt's unique structure also stores vibrational energy. All of the crystal salt's inherent minerals and trace elements are available in colloidal form -- meaning they are so small your cells can readily absorb them.


Unrefined Ancient Sea Salt

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