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Senna Tea - 18 bag

by   Buddha Teas
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  • 100% Organic Herbal Tea
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Senna Tea by Buddha Teas

Senna tea is made using the leaves of the senna plant, which are also known for having laxative properties. For this reason, this tea is usually only ingested sparingly when brewed.

Senna (sometimes called cassia) is a member of the legume family, identified by its narrow leaves and vivid yellow blossoms. There are several species of senna found throughout the tropical regions of the world, but the most common variety cultivated by humans is Senna alexandrina, also called Egyptian Senna. Senna is often used today in landscaping for its appealing flowers. During much of history, senna was a valuable cash crop in Egypt, harvested either for its seedpods, or for the leaves, which were used to craft this traditional herbal tea.

The senna tea tradition goes back hundreds of years, and with its many active constituents, there is little wonder why. Studies have revealed that senna tea is a natural source of amino acids, flavonoids, mucilage and volatile oils, along with a number of unique constituents. Many of the constituents of senna also have antioxidant properties. Some caution must be used, however, when drinking senna tea; this herb is a well-known and potent natural laxative, and should never be consumed for longer than two weeks at a time.

Fresh water is essential for brewing a great cup of tea.

- Use one teabag per cup of boiling water.
- Cover and steep for 3 to 6 minutes.
- Remove tea bag and enjoy!

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