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# PF0109

Rehmannia Vitalizer™

Formerly Chinese Energetics Yang™

Chinese Tonifier for Warmth and Vitality

Planetary Formulas Rehmannia Vitalizer is based on the classic Chinese tonifier Rehmannia Eight (Ba Wei Di Huang Wan), one of the most strengthening tonics of Chinese herbalism. Traditionally it was used to build warmth and vitality.
Supplement Facts for 945 mg Serving Size: 2 tablets
  Amount %DV
  Proprietary Blend: 1.89 g    
  Morinda Root, Cistanche sprout, Chinese Dodder Seed, Rehmannia Root, Psoralea Seed, Chinese Yam Root, Tree Peony Root Bark, Asian Water Plantain Rhizome, Asian Ginseng Root, Dong Quai Root, Epimedium Leaf, Poria Cocos Sclerotium, Schizandra fruit, Saw Palmetto Berry, Cinnamon Bark, Cornus Berry Extract, and Lycium fruit.      

Other Ingredients: dibasic calcium phosphate, stearic acid, colloidal silicon dioxide, and modified cellulose gum.

Warning: If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your health care professional before using this product.

Suggested Use: Two tablets twice daily, between meals, or as recommended by your health care professional.

945 mg PF0043 75 tabs • PF0109 150 tabs

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