QUANTUM: Super Lysine Plus Cream 7 gm

Super Lysine Plus Cream - 7 gm

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Relieves cold sores fast. 16 healing herbs. Petroleum free
Soothing formula No burning sensation A unique combination
of herbs, amino acids and vitamins in a beeswax and olive oil
base heals outbreaks ultra-fast while providing soothing relief.
Apply the cream at the first sign of tingling to the affected
areas on an as-needed basis. Customers give this formula their
highest rating for both preventing and making them go away fast!
Our effective formula contains L-Lysine and sixteen additional
herbal ingredients. Ingredients: L-lysine, Homeopathic
Lithium Carbonate 3X, Propolis Extract, Calendula Flower
Extract, Echinacea Flower Extract, Zinc Oxide, Goldenseal
Extract, Vitamin A, D, E, Cajeput Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Gum Benzoin
Tincture, Prepared in a Beeswax and Olive Base for maximum

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